My name is Victor Martins SantAnna and I was born in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, in 1962.
I have been working as an Informatics Professor since 1987 and am currently working at FAPA(Faculdade Porto-alegrense / Porto-alegrense College) where I teach Computer Science for General Management and Accounting courses. I hold a bachelor degree in Informatics from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul (1987) and a master degree in Computer Science, in the field of Artificial Intelligence, from the same university (2000). I also have experience in the field of Computer Science with emphasis in Educational Game Programming. I have programmed more than sixty educational programs between 1990 and 1997. I stopped programming professionally in 1997, but some of these programs (AlarmJ, Card Control, Alert Calendar and Bounce Ball Wall Solitaire) are still being distributed worldwide in more than 100 download portals and reach the incredible number of 3000 monthly downloads.

I started writing movie scripts and in 1986 a few friends and I created a video production company (Spectrum Video Digital de Porto Alegre). There, I assisted the creation of several award-winning scripts from 1989 to 1993.

I am just an amateur play writer who makes no money from what he writes and never did professional theater – I am only a theater lover.

I got started in amateur theater in 1987, while still getting my bachelor degree in Informatics. I never got to perform on stage, but I joined a few groups and took a few workshops until 1990. At about this time I started to write plays, but none of those who read them (friends) showed any interest. I decided to start writing again in 2002 and posted my old texts on the Internet. Gradually I continued to post other texts on my webpage and by 2003 they started to being used by amateur groups all over Brazil. This situation made me devote myself to write a little more and, whenever I had time, I would write a new text, usually a short one. To my surprise I started to receive more requests for my writings. Just to give you an idea of this situation, in 2006 and 2007 I used to receive an email every week regarding my theater webpage, my writings started to have their own space and to exist almost independently of me!

From 2009 some of my writings were used in award-wining plays and I also start to be discovered and used abroad.

In addition to theater plays I also keep a few blogs running with poems I write every once in a while. Furthermore, I also have some videos (trash cartoons) online too. One of these videos is called ‘Lógica’ ( – captioned in english) and although it is not even close to be called as my best work, it still reached the incredible number of 100 thousand views on YouTube.

If you have a blog or a profile on Orkut, Twitter and/or Facebook (any kind of social network would do), then please share this page with people you know. This page will certainly stay online longer as more people visit us. 

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