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Frequently asked questions


1. How much to use these texts?
Nothing! Despite being registered *, since I do not have expenses sending by mail, texts can be used for free!
* All my texts are registered

2. Do I have to quote the author to use a text?
A quote in my name is the only requirement!
(If you don’t mention the name of the author of any intellectual work, it is presumed that the work is yours and you may have to respond in court for plagiarism … The best way to avoid problems with any text by others authors – including me – is to quote the author!)

3. How can I get permission to stage one of these texts?
For permission to use my work in theater plays, send me an email requesting authorization. The authorization by email is free, however, is not accepted in some countries.

In case you need a printed authorization, I can send you a signed authorization by conventional mail, but for this kind of procedure, I’ll have to charge a small fee to cover expenses.

4. In case I need a written authorization, how can I proceed?
If you need a written permission, I’ll charge a fee to reduce the monthly expenses that I have with this page, and the costs of printing and mailing.


1)  short texts (skits) long season – permission for 12 months – U.S. $ 9.90
2) long texts (complete pieces) long season – permission for 12 months – U.S. $ 24.90

The above fees will be used to cover expenses of printing and mailing of authorization, and also to maintenance of this page

Deadline for delivery: from 7 to 21 days

Values must be paid by PayPal service


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